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    “The assembly department is responsible for turning lengths of components into a plantation shutter.
    First, all parts are cut to length according to the exact specifications for your custom shutter. After parts are cut, they are placed onto a cart with job sheets that details each opening in the order.
    At goodwood we take a few extra steps during assembly before the panel comes together to make sure that your shutter is built to the highest of quality standards.
    Each tilt rod is given personal attention Wood Shutters. We shape the top of the tilt rod in a machine we designed to give the rounded top that is unique to a goodwood Shutter. Then, the top of each rod is sanded smooth so it has the same quality finished look as other parts of our shutters.
    Before the shutter is put together, each louver end is burnished with a sander. Again, this extra step allows the ends of the louvers to accept the painted finish better, and eliminates the rough ends you would typically find with louvers that are cut, but not sanded.
    Next, the louvers and tilt rod are fed through a machine that attaches them together with staples and puts pins in the end of each louver, and your shutter panel is ready to be put together.
    At goodwood we use dowels to join the stiles and rails of each shutter together. Wood glue is put into each hole that will be receiving a dowel. Then we use dowels that are slightly larger than the hole they are inserted into. This requires the use of a hydraulic clamp to put the stiles and rails together. After the shutter has been clamped together, small pin nails are applied to the backside of the shutter through the dowels, giving it an extra dose of reinforcement.
    This method has been used by goodwood for many years, and we confidently stand behind the joinery of a goodwood Shutter for a lifetime.
    The shutter comes together on the clamp table and is pin nailed for extra strength
    The shutter comes together on the clamp table and is pin nailed for extra strength
    Just like a door hangs in a frame, many times your hardwood shutter will be in a frame Wooden Moulding. We have several framing options at goodwood to accommodate a variety of decors and types of windows. After your shutters have been assembled, the frames that surround them are built.
    At goodwood we customize many of our frames so that they fit around window cranks and lever locks. By doing these notches in the factory when possible, the notch receives a finish coat of paint instead of touch up in the field.
    For more information on notches, see my post about plantation shutters in casement windows.
    This completes your shutter assembly, next stop finish department!”
    “We have produced a variety of cafe doors for both public and private use. Interested in cafe doors? Consider the following when designing your doors.
    Fixed louvers– typically, all cafe door louvers are fixed. The purpose of these doors is to obscure the view from one area into another and provide easy access, making fixed louvers a natural. If you prefer the look of a tilt rod, it can be ordered as such. You may want to tighten the louver tension so that the louvers are not moved unless that is your intention.
    Design– the top of the cafe door can be a simple rectangular top, slightly curved or elaborately designed. See example photos below or submit your own unique design.
    Proportion- as with all our custom shutters Polyurethane Moulding, cafe doors are built to order. Depending on the level of privacy you need, cafe doors are usually between 3′-5′ high, possibly higher. A good rule of thumb is to take your opening height and order your shutters 1/2 to 2/3 the total height. Also pay attention to where you want them positioned. Are you taller than average? You may want to hinge them higher to obstruct your site line.
    Hardware- cafe doors must be installed with cafe door pivot hardware. Unlike a standard hinge that allows 90 degree access, the pivot hardware allows the shutter to rotate a full 180 degrees. For a commercial application, bommer hinges are recommended. These are spring loaded hinges that swing the door back into the closed position after being pushed open. (Please note, width deductions taken on cafe style openings are more than a standard shutter panel. This is necessary for the hardware to operate properly and allow the shutter to swing correctly.)
    Installation- Solid wood jambs are the ideal surface to install your cafe doors. If you have only a drywall opening, don’t despair. Order your cafe doors with mounting strips. These square four sided wood strips can be secured to your jamb and through a stud and provide the pivot hardware a solid surface on which to mount.”
    “Tuscan interiors are very popular in the US right now. A new book, Italian Rustic, written by Elizabeth Minchilli, details a variety of authentic Tuscan homes. From wall finishes, to flooring, to windows and even shutters, she discusses the construction methods and how you can replicate this look in your home.
    On my recent trip to Italy, I was intrigued with the shutters that are so common on the inside and outside of a Tuscan home. According to Elizabeth, Italians have an intricate system for setting windows and shutters. Interior shutters, called Scuri’s, are primarily designed to provide darkness. Notice how in the photo from her book, the shutter itself is designed to fit snugly in the jamb area of the glass with a bit of overlap, insuring maximum darkness when closed.
    If you are looking to bring a little Tuscany to your home Timber Shutter, consider customizing your plantation shutter to be reminiscent of the style of a Tuscan shutter. For instance, by adding a raised panel to the bottom of a shutter you can maintain the functionality and light control of a plantation shutter, while attaining the charm associated with a Tuscan home.
    Tuscan inspired shutter by goodwood Shutters
    Choosing rustic materials, such as knotty alder or reclaimed wood for your shutters is another way to incorporate the feeling of age and permanence found in Tuscan farm homes.
    Bring your shutter ideas to goodwood Shutters, and we help you add a little Tuscany to your home.”

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