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    Unite the fleet forces to the Wei of dreamlike island, segment maple leaf is joy see it become of.The segment maple leaf knows that the Yan flies to after death stand a mysterious organization, this mysterious organization still sends a destruction to fly the obstacle of making a clean sweep of the headway for Yan.But segment the maple leaf don’t think this mysterious organization have much strong, is that destruction, he can not also obstruct to unite a this time taking the offensive of the fleet.Demolishing may the scrolls match a fleet to result in certain loss, but oneself will be also united fleet annihilation.
    So the Yan flies this time of the dreamlike island will definitely appear loss, perhaps will the whole army reply to put out.Only the Yan flies to feel to come from the threat of uniting the fleet and slices a body benefits to be subjected to damage, he would hand over to the thing in the hand on his own initiative the China is up.By so doing, the China can get the important strategic important position of this northern Pacific Ocean in dreamlike island with frightening ease, and acquire the high new technique of dreamlike island at the same time.Have this platform in nation, these high new technique just can be generous and strange burst of color, for the country the house brings a sky to measure wealth.
    The segment maple leaf feels the way of thinking that oneself considers a problem is the clearest, simple, most direct, can acquire the biggest benefits most .He feels China especially frequently the senior clerk of set resist change Chen Gui, before looking forward after attending to, consider everything, compute everything, end on the contrary what affair also don’t to become, let opportunity white the white be in the moment slipping away.This kind of maple leaf is ten thousand ten thousand can not bear with, with it let opportunity white the white slip away, rather ignore regardless of, directly make moves, rob a benefits to come to hand again say.
    As for keep the friendly cooperative relation that flies with Yan on the national level, in the segment maple leaf’s eyes, completely because national generous big degree, open-minded.Now that nation all so big degree, Yan damnation way as the party concerned should not larger degree, up hand over on one’s own initiative the thing that the nation want?However as long as the nation finally can get an advantage and believe that the nation can’t definitely refuse.
    Segment the maple leaf activity this time didn’t get China especially frequently the authorization of set, belong to private activity, even with China especially frequently the decided policy of set mutually deviate from.This is also the reason that he arrives at a dreamlike island to visit bateau for momentary solution, because visiting the bateau already and he wasn’t a heart.However segment maple leaf in the mind have no of sorry and ashamed, because he feels that he is one real of, pure patriot, everythings of do-it-yourself all for the sake of nation good.Even if the nation ignores a solution now, again in the future will definitely comprehend his as well with patience, he even if carrying on the back up and scolding also for this is regardless the sacrifice.
    Segment the maple leaf Be eating thing and watching the news on the net.After seeing the consociation fleet making use of two pirates organization that were listed as wanted for several a hundred years by the international society to intrude into a dreamlike island waters, segment maple leaf face last peeped out to sneer at, even had some to want to smile.However when the segment maple leaf sees send out one to suppress bandits invitation in the official site that the Yan fly incredibly in the dreamlike island, the warship of invitation other nation gets into a dreamlike island at the time that help suppressed bandits, segment the maple leaf have been already cut up rough.
    Suddenly appear on the body of segment maple leaf a relentless to the murderous look of pole, O.K. here in addition to segment maple leaf outside, there are already no others.Otherwise feel so strong murderous look after, perhaps will nervous breakdown’s causing to live be frightenned to death.
    The segment maple leaf throws down to grasp in hand of food, the one mouthful thick phlegm vomits in the computer screen and says chillily:”See to my intuition right, this Yan flies indeed as expected unworthy trust.Originally thought that he is an intelligent person, handed over to a nation in meeting danger after meeting dreamlike island, made use of nation of name to resist consociation fleet.Now is seen, he is only afraid to die generation.After meeting the consociation fleet of getting into the dreamlike island waters, for promising own safety plantation shutters, incredibly bring in dangerous foe, want to make use of the battleship of other nations to match a consociation fleet.Once other nations respond to his to suppress bandits invitation and send a warship to land a dreamlike island, affirmation can’t leave any further.By so doing, the dreamlike island won’t belong to China again, while the meeting is captured by other nations.”
    The segment maple leaf more thinks more angry, he is on the ground on stamping foot, incredibly trample the underground an a few cracks.His station is started, malicious say:”I absolutely can’t allow Yan to fly the dreamlike island arch hand that will belong to China to render up other people, although now unite a fleet don’t end to the attack of dreamlike island, I have already canned not wait again.I visit relatives from make moves, flew a dreamlike island to take back in hand from the Yan, let it truely becomes China all.But as long as knowing that the dreamlike island becomes China is all, I visit that nation daring to deal with a dreamlike island.To compare the words of patriotism this has no a person in the world more patriotic than me, for the sake of nation, I would like to carry on the back any sin.”
    The segment maple leaf stands in the room, is cold to hum several voices in his mouth, then once the body move, incredibly like this disappear in the room.On the street of outside, the Anne of the dreamlike island guarantor member is driving vehicle to carry on patroling.It is special period, they want to prevent dreamlike island from concealing of the enemy go into the street to make breakage and disturb the normal order of dreamlike island.
    And at these Anne the guarantor member close to China especially frequently handling affairs of set section outside street of time, feel that a burst of light breeze once pares off, a strange flavor appears and seem to have what things from oneself nearby pass by of appearance, but they what don’t also see.They crumpled to rub their their own eyes and looked into everywhere, still what don’t also discover, think oneself dimmed eyesight.As for that strange flavor then start slowly dissipation.Hence they didn’t care this affair, but continued to patrol.
    Villa area, Yan’s flying the front door of house is bumped lousy, appear one personal form hole on the door, the living room of inside, suddenly appeared a segment maple leaf Ning solid body form.The segment maple leaf stands in the living room, mentality facing all directions extension, but don’t discover existence anyone’s trace here.His Leng for a while, soliloquize of say:”The Yan flies to affirm in the commanding center to observe the trend of uniting the fleet now, don’t can comprehend in the home, but his girl friend gentleness why also have no in the home?”
    This dirty segment although the maple leaf is to be partial to to arouse the character is predominating,his intelligence quotient isn’t low.Know oneself even if held tight Yan to fly, fly a rather die than surrender attitude by Yan, he was also very difficult to fly to get dreamlike island and high-tech technique in hand from the Yan, so he woulded thought of to kidnap a gentleness, then make use of gentleness to threaten Yan to fly, the Yan flies for the sake of the gentle and soft safety, will definitely promise to hand over to all everythings up nation.
    But segment the maple leaf didn’t fly a home to find out a gentleness in the Yan, this some come from his idea to anticipate.However segment maple leaf right away again sneer at, say:”Is gentle and soft, a rice with unidentified identity country woman, incredibly also want to close to Yan to fly.Although don’t know what your end purpose is, your purpose must be remarkable, your behavior finally will definitely bring harm to the China.Originally I wanted make use of you come to threaten Yan fly, waited Yan to fly handed over the whole after you polish off of, have never thought you incredibly realized danger, in advance hide.However meet you next time, you have no this of Be getting iner fortune lap.”
    The gentleness isn’t in the home, this lets the plan of a maple leaf end up in nothing, however he isn’t upset either.He shut eyes to consider for a while, then opened eyes, body in a flash, disappear in the Yan and fly the living room of the house in.If isn’t a Yan to fly a front door be bumped lousy one personal form hole, room in have some weird flavor, the nobody knows that here once came to an extremely untidy but again very dangerous person.
    Is very quick, segment the maple leaf appear in the home of six Ping pings in the distance.Six Ping pings also live in the villa area, but she chose the time of room at that time but intentionally left Yan to fly a house very far Wholesale plantation shutters.

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