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    The front door close of spider platform, then re- stretch out eight machine legs, start taking the hostages of these dreamlike islands to turn over mountain more Ling, the ocean of the east of the facing quickly rushes.The spider platform installed to reduce an earthquake material most violently, so although it runs about wildly on the hill path of rugged gravamen, in of person but don’t feel what jolt ……
    Wait until after this spider platform leave here, a person who wears outside skeleton armor came out from the woods of distance, he looking at the ground of anterior disorder, in the mind some fear behind.The wear outside skeleton armor of is the essence that Yan flies, he before when here establish Fu, always feel a bit not right in the heart.Because the Ji Mu once says, even if demolished can once hide front two traps, finally will also suffer their ultimate end big gifts to wrap.
    But within this period of time, under the supervision of the machine sparrow, the Yan flies and doesn’t discover that that ultimate end big gift wraps a where.Because didn’t discover that that ultimate end big gift wraps, the Yan flies heart in would remain a vigilance, would feel a bit not in the right.So the Yan flies when here carry on ambuscading, he just don’t start out his own true body.But from the in general use space in take out two sets to early ready to of spider platform, then from among them the most violent the spider platform counterfeit himself/herself.
    After having communication ability in the world, the Yan flies to pass “fantasy” to get into his/her own equipments at any time.So under the “dreamlike” help, the Yan flies to send out his/her own falsetto through a spider platform and lets the voice that people mistake that the person in the spider platform sends out.
    Unexpectedly the Yan flies sincerely smallly carefully tiny really obtained effect, derivation the ultimate end big gift of the other party wrap a big fiesta department.That big fiesta department although some nobody, but is terror to go to pole of absolute being class superior.Because this big fiesta department is an absolute being class superior, would be lifelike while dressing up as dreamlike islander quality, didn’t peep out any flaw, is a Yan to fly also didn’t discover these hostage in conceal a super big crocodile.
    Before hasn’t been discovering the mastermind of “African brilliance” organization, the Yan flies some oddness.Say according to the convention plantation shutters, the one who deal with to demolish is “African brilliance” organization at present the biggest task, so the mastermind of this organization will definitely participate in among them, but hasn’t been discovering before Yan fly the trace taking charge of big fiesta.He still thought at that time big fiesta department because have other urgent matters left here, but had never thought big fiesta’s taking charge of hasn’t been leaving, he had been flying under one’s eyes in the Yan.Just change Huan body form, sneaked oneself into the dreamlike islander quality.
    Big fiesta department can perfect operation oneself’s body, plus him to suffer hardship together with these hostages, so the big fiesta department dresses up as of the hostage basically didn’t peep out any flaw as well as be discovered an abnormality.Then wait until while flying to come to rescue these hostages, the Yan bears an already a long time big fiesta department to suddenly start revolt, almost true of fly Yan to doom a person to death.
    Regrettable BE, be usually calculated before Yan fly, make him been very abundant by experience for making a surprise attack, so he has already raiseds vigilance heart.He takes two spider platforms in the in general use space this time, be worked well to confuse an enemy, make oneself not be placed in the preparation in the danger.Then fly in the Yan of calculate in, the big fiesta department finally seeks wrong target.Immediately after the “fantasy” operates spider platform to run about wildly to leave and takes charge of a big fiesta this biggest danger to take to leave here.
    The big fiesta department chief is long be placed in African Continent, kept off a mankind main current society, so lack to the development of mankind social science and technology enough understand, basically have never thought the science and technology development in nowadays to change with each passing day, make in the world of no man driver the technique have already been tended to perfect.But the dreamlike island raise Chu among them more and have already made to have the spider platform of automatic driver ability.

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