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    Yan flies on the north Pacific Ocean the waters suddenly own a group of islands with huge area, so the Yan flies of the words power sign a horse to significantly promote and owned and up and directly negotiate of ability.In this talks process, up have been already declared, the nation will support Yan’s flying to carry on construction and development to the fog concealed island with all strength, and admit that the Yan flies the private ownership to the fog concealed island.If fog concealed island at hereafter meet a difficulty, the nation can also directly make moves to provide a help.
    There is advantage, the nature has already paid.The Yan flew to also promise a few conditions that the other party puts forward.
    The first condition, dreamlike science and technology not the ability will be located in a few production factories that the Gu Kingsoft in Su City develops area to move a concealed island of fog up.Not only not the ability move this a few production factories to leave China, the Yan flies to also promise, in future five yearses, dreamlike science and technology has to build up a few all new factories in China domestic, these production scale of the all new factory and the gdp of the creation don’t can be lower than a few production factories in nowadays.
    The second condition, after the wharf of fog concealed island builds to complete, the tall ship of the China can also stop depend fog concealed island.In addition, the warship of the China also owns to stop to depend fog concealed island, and acquire various replenishment and carry on fixing the whole right in the fog concealed island, but don’t must become the wharf of fog concealed island China of military base.
    The third condition, the nation supports strongly dreamlike science and technology’s development construction for fog concealed island, but dreamlike science and technology construction fog the supplies needed by concealed island have to all from China the domestic buy, unless there is China no the same kind product, again or purchase price deviate price in the market, dreamlike science and technology just can carry on a purchase in the world to other nations.At the same time, dreamlike science and technology has to in great quantities invite a China husband, these China the labor constuct a having of personnel in the fog concealed island compare don’t can be lower than 95%.
    The fourth condition, the Yan flies me to deregister China nationality and joins foreign nationality.Dreamlike science and technology can not change to register an address, it still is belong to China evil all of business enterprise.No matter is that Yan’s flying’s being good, still dreamlike science and technology has to take a China attribute to is good.In addition, dreamlike science and technology has to promise that Gao Guan of the company can’t join the nationality of other nation as far as possible.
    The fifth condition, once the Yan flies in the future develop a concealed island of fog to succeed, published currency on oneself of concealed island in fog, fog concealed island have to also the rmb of the China is to circulate one of the currencies, have to let the rmb can freely circulate in the concealed island in fog.
    The sixth condition, the Yan flies to promise fog uses Chinese language as corpus language in the concealed island, absolutely can not let other nations and the language of region as official language, the fog concealed island has to insist China culture is a center.On the fog concealed island, China everyone the proportion don’t must be lower than 95%.
    These conditions are the concessions that the Yan flies to do to the top, among them, the strength for concession for some is very big.He did so many concessions, isn’t the oral communication commitment that only acquired China, but got a lot of concrete advantages.Among them the most important commitment, be the China will support Yan’s flying to the fog concealed island among nations of all private.And for keeping Yan and flying to the fog concealed island of all private, the China can’ts station troops and set to set up the government management organization in the concealed island in fog, is flown by the Yan to carry on a management to the fog concealed island by oneself.
    But once appearing the circumstance of endangering the fog concealed island safety, the China also provides a military protection for fog concealed island and starts to support a pit protection umbrella for fog concealed island.Still have, for promising the rapid construction and development of fog concealed island, the nation redeems a vow pledged to mean support that dreamlike science and technology provides a great deal of bank loan and personnel, supplies and technique.
    China for and reach of the negotiation achievement, the Yan flies to still be relatively satisfied with.Under own persistence, have already promised concealed island of fog in the future only li. Medical Protective Suit


    Get into after falling radicle mountain range, I originally should along lord the road continue to drive of, but the fragrant joss-stick after hitting by bullet suddenly feels ache, and the big throw up blood, hence I left motorcycle Chi lord road, tied up wound for joss-stick joss-stick.While preparing to again set out, discover to there is still there another highway, hence I along that highway continues to drive.After the gasoline that waits until a motorcycle burns away, I discover I arrive the entrance of this canyon, just have to take joss-stick joss-stick to arrive at this canyon inside.”
    The Yan flies the joss-stick of lookinging at the dying joss-stick, ask a way:”You know joss-stick is the joss-stick how to depart from this life?”
    Strange talk’s way:”Is fragrant joss-stick body ascend medium three guns are all more serious wound.Is regrettable but didn’t get the treatment in time, then because of lose blood excessive but die.I give you the hair of say in the information of 100,000 very urgent, is the circumstance that points joss-stick joss-stick very urgent.”
    Hear here, the Yan flies to just completely understand the sequence of events of settling a dispute the feeling.Yang Qi’s affair is out and out a scheme, a bunco, purpose be for flying Yan to fish up a fog concealed island, then flying Yan to grasp to catch.But the reason Yang Qi can escape to fall radicle mountain range from Los Angeles, completely is that the rice country intentionally sets out of reason.So Yang Qi just has never seen all the way the police carry on a check, while some key street corners appear of roadblock, be force Yang Qi into them pre-established ambush turn.Just who don’t also thought of that Yang Qi at last and suddenly changed to drive route and let them lost Yang Qi’s movements.
    If these decorations are the common run of peoples for dealing with, so this common run of people will definitely discover an abnormality.But Yang Qi can not deliberate the mankind’s scheme, so completely didn’t discover inside what’s wrong, going forward according to the arrangement of the other party of darling.Just the inspired writing finally, let those from think that the person that understand very much to Yang Qi appeared a mistake.
    Yang Qi suddenly says:”The Yan flies, I don’t want to get in touch with with mankind’s society any further, I want to with concentration study science, can you help me?”
    See as if small white rabbit similar and clean and pure Yang Qi, the Yan flies a bit sad.Yang Qi has been being trying to integrate into a mankind society, want to comprehend mankind’s society exactly is what kind of existence, wanting to understand the mankind’s behavior exactly can be comprehended.For reaching this purpose, he even would like to give up he likes most of science research, accept a mediocre woman to be he or she’s girl friend, and start talking that the marriage theory marries.But everythings all fall through now, oneself is made track for be like the dog of a funeral house, but the girl friend is for saving oneself to hit by bullet to die.So Yang Qi accepted to return to right away toward the step outside sounding out, don’t want to comprehend any further and integrate into mankind society.
    The Yan flew to know occurrence’s affair on Yang Qi, his first reaction is an exasperation, but the second reaction be not right away for Yang Qi, Shen Yuan, and revenge for joss-stick joss-stick, but save Yang Qi first fog once concealed island.Yan’s flying the real strenght in nowadays still doesn’t go, there is also no so big influence, so the whole rights of the case still needs to stay to treat hereafter know well again to check.
    The Yan flies and takes Yang Qi, but not the ability stay the corpse of joss-stick joss-stick alone here.Can know from Yang Qi’s inside, although this joss-stick joss-stick is a mediocre woman, also nothing important culture, but is sincere while treating Yang Qi, even rather give up own life for the sake of Yang Qi, this is the respectable woman.Hence after getting Yang Qi’s approval, the Yan flies to decide to cremate to the joss-stick joss-stick and bring back her cremated ashes China.
    The Yan flies from the canyon in collected to do a firewood for a while, then will these dry the firewood spark, give joss-stick joss-stick carry on cremating.Wait until after flame put out, the Yan flies to take out a small altar son from the in general use space and starts getting up the cremated ashes collections of ground.Wait until after cremated ashes collections complete, the Yan flew in the cremated ashes to discover two warheads for transforming. plantation shutters

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