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    The Miller old general observes the underwater personnel sends back of appearance, listen to detailed introduction, he sank in to contemplate in.This airplane is very mysterious, the function is also very violent, but from just in brief probed into plantation shutters, but don’t discover any useful information.Who don’t know as well this mysterious airplane is how invisible?Where is its pilot now?Its use of is what power equip?Is it how to take so many weapons?
    However Miller returns to absolute being right away, as long as he gets this mysterious airplane, so all questions can get solution.He says:”Fix this airplane first, prevent°from it suddenly driving away in water bottom.”
    Have the before mysterious airplane go in secret in the bottom of sea of career, the Miller old general certainly needs to prevent°fro appearing this circumstance.So he would want to live the mysterious airplane make it not suddenly drive away in water bottom fixedly.
    Two as heavy as 100 huge cement duns of tons are from the tugboat thrown into the water bottom of neighborhood, on each cement Dun connect a bulky iron chain.That deep sea dives a machine to open over there and starts to grasp an iron chain with the above machine arm and lead it arrive at the mysterious airplane of neighborhood, then under the help of frogman tie up this iron chain to round at the mysterious airplane simultaneously of plane wing up, counteract a to carry on big lock to target.Immediately after it makes by old formula again and tie up moreover a huge iron chain to round to target in the mysterious airplane moreover and simultaneously of plane wing up.
    By so doing, two total weights attained the huge cement Dun of 200 tons and then fixed a mysterious airplane through an iron chain.The mysterious airplane wants to want to go in secret in water bottom, have to trail 200 tons of cements Dun headway.Analyze according to the body figure of mysterious airplane, it absolutely can not trail so heavy cement Dun to go forward.Is also say, the underwater of mysterious airplane’s going in secret ability has already been thoroughly limited by the rice soldier.And had so heavy of cement Dun after, mysterious airplane can not also perpendicular rise a God empty.Under the science and technology level in nowadays, the goods that having no aircraft can load 200 tons get off the ground.
    Arrive this time Wholesale plantation shutters, Miller of the tugboat old general just thoroughly rest assured.The sky drive complete blockade, the mysterious airplane can not get into the sky.And under the surface, also limited the mobility of mysterious airplane.By so doing, that mysterious airplane will have no place to escape, can wait drive rice soldier captive.
    After having bottom spirit, the Miller old general starts giving order, let salvaging of upper stream the ship is hurriedly good enough, then salvage this mysterious airplane, luck return to the national laboratory of the United States to carry on analytical research.
    100 joy temple casino inside, the Yan flies Be personally experiencing personally various on the gamble equipments and observing the management method in the casino.However the Yan flies originally be gambled idiocy, in so short time in also wasn’t likely to see what managed a trade secret, so in addition to the counter was less and less outside, basically didn’t harvest.
    Suddenly, the Yan flew the telephone of nearby a black man to ring, that full face of black man is joyless to connect a telephone, after listenning to the contents of inside, denounce openly right away:”His mama of, disturbed Lao Tze’s fascination.Lao Tze not is what big statures, I also not call big statures, your his mama called the wrong number.”Then cut up rough of hang up a telephone, after quelling a fury continue to gamble.
    Yan’s flying don’t care, but continue an observation to run about in the casino.Before he sit a card table till 21:00, prepare to carry on the time of the on the gamble with opposite lotus officer, nearby had a person’s telephone to ring again, this person is a white man man, he the positive wager don’t already arrive an excitement and receive this telephone immediately fire and emit three Zhangs.Wait until after this person listen to the contents in the clear telephone, this person also starts denouncing openly:”True his mama is unlucky, I ain’t a big statures.Broad, seek the big statures go to a duck store and seek, don’t disturb me.”Then hang up a telephone.

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